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About Just Jenn Photography in Lubbock, TX


Hi! My name is Jenn and I own Studio J, formally known as Just Jenn Photography.  While I photograph everything from babies to real estate, my specialty is boudoir and weddings.  I have sought to be a specialist in weddings because I had a horrible wedding photographer and I NEVER wanted another bride to go through what I went through!  Not having had any experience in planning a wedding, I went with a photographer that was "a friend of a friend"  I didn't know the questions to ask and assumed the photographer I hired was a professional with professional level work.  After my wedding was over and being heartbroken over my less than perfectly captured memories, I am dedicated to helping my clients to not make the same mistake I did.  I absolutely love what I do an get to see my clients on their happiest days!  No two weddings are every alike and I enjoy getting to know every couple and every detail.  After the rings are on and the dress is hung, make sure your wedding photos are as special and perfectly captured as the day you planned.  

I am a member of the South Plains PPA, PPA, and TPPA, and West Texas Bridal Service Associates.   Was awarded Photographer of the Year in 2016 by entering national print competitions.    


 My husband is an Army Veteran.

 I LOVE going to the movies! 

 My favorite color is orange.

 My favorite holiday is Halloween.

 I am a triplet (yes, there are three of me)!

 I have purple hair. 

 My studio is on Broadway.

 Awarded "Best Wedding Photographer" in Lubbock in 2017, 2018