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Hi, I am Jennifer Beene, but please call me Jenn.  I created Bombshell Boudoir with one purpose, to in power woman and make them feel beautiful.  Here at Bombshell fell free to ask us any questions about the
Boudoir process and it is ok if you are nervous.  That feeling will fade away when you walk into my studio and I make you fell at home.  I love what I do, I have the opportunity to create images that show women
how the rest of the world sees them and they get to walk out of my studio with their head a little higher.  Rather your celebrating an anniversary, birthday, wedding, milestone or a body transformation, these images
are more for you than anyone else.  When is the last time you felt like a Bombshell, I look forward to hearing from you! 

  • Located in Lubbock, Texas
  • Sessions are done in a private studio on Broadway
  • Personal props are welcome
  • Your images can not be advertised with without your permission 
  • Apart of SPPA and PPA